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Cornerstone Lime 

Protecting the past & the present.

Why use cornerstone? 

Dry mixed products have become common place within the construction industry, with current estimates suggesting that around 80% of mortars used in the UK are now factory produced. A high performance ready-mixed product takes all variables out of the equation, reduces inconsistencies and material handling on site and allows the contractor to focus on the build itself.

Unfortunately, most ready-mixed products have been designed for cost and not performance – using a small selection of dried stock sands with a limited range of binders, which results in a narrow range of products adapted for numerous uses.

At Cornerstone our approach has been different from the outset, we have for many years known that the secret of good mortar is the sand. The sands used in the Cornerstone range have been carefully selected to offer the highest performance with a variety of natural colours and textures that are sympathetic and appropriate to the varied buildings we find around the UK and worldwide.

Developed by an in-house team of qualified professionals using our purpose-built facility and working experience. Cornerstone have drawn from a stock range of over 40 natural sands and the highest quality binders available to give you exactly what you need in a bag.

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Cornerstone Lime 

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Cornish Lime are a manufacturer & supplier of materials suitable for building conservation & newbuild

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