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Ecorend SR365 Ultimate Silicone Thin Coat Render is a two component, dispersion based, hybrid silicone thin coat render. Through coloured, flexible and highly vapour permeable, SR365 can be applied down to -5oC and is rain proof in just 2 hours in temperatures above 5oC. It is specifically designed to control the suction of the substrate and to prevent substrate grin through when used as a primer prior to application of Ecorend SR365 Ultimate Silicone Thin Coat Render. This patented formulation ensures applicators can keep working throughout all the season

SR365 Ultimate Silicone Thin Coat Render

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  • To maintain colour consistency, panels should be completed in sequence around the building and, where possible, using material from the same batch number. To avoid dampness and discolouration rendering should be avoided below Damp Proof Course (DPC) or within 150mm of ground level. To apply the material use a stainless steel trowel, or suitable spray equipment depending on the grain size. Use the size of the aggregate to gauge the thickness of the render when applying to the substrate. i.e. SR365 is thickness of 1.5mm. Once the render is applied finish with a plastic float working the material in small circular motions to create a natural random surface