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Dry, ready mixed coarse lime render/plaster base coat. 4mm aggregate. Suitable for internal and external use available in fine. medium and coarse


Professional grade multipurpose lime mortars and renders for Pointing and Render applications, with a premium finish.

Cornerstone Promix is a factory blended mortar that again takes all variables out of the equation, made using St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime and high-performance kiln dried sand. Cornerstone Promix offers all of the advantages of the Drymix range but with additional work aids added to significantly improve the mortars physical and mechanical performance.

Promix -

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  • Key Benefits:

    • Significantly improved workability – Cornerstone Promix offers the feel of modern mortar whilst retaining the properties of pure NHL mixes, the working aids allow a much longer open time to apply and finish the mortar when compared to site mixes and the Drymix range.
    • Significantly reduced shrinkage – less water is required than standard site mixes and the Drymix range, which mitigates the risk of shrinkage as the mortar cures.
    • Improved all round cure – the mortar will cure evenly throughout the mortar, which promotes an improved bond with the substrate.
    • Suitable for high suction backgrounds.