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A water-based hydrophobic treatment used to provide additional long-term waterproofing properties to external render and other masonry surfaces. It can help to prevent efflorescence and algae growth by keeping the substrate drier. ecorend TRX also provides increased resistance to dirt pick up and staining.


  • Coverage Approx. 0.1 to 0.2 litres per m² (Dependent on substrate)
  • Application Temperature +10˚C to 25˚C
  • Suitable Substrate Concrete, Brick, Stone & Renders
  • Unit Size 25L Jerry Can
  • Humidity Less than 95%
  • Application Tool Brush, Roller or Spray

TRX Silicone Nano Coat 25L

Excluding Tax

    All surfaces should be clean, reasonably dry and free from algae, lichen & other growths and grease.

    If there is evidence of organic growth, power wash to remove & apply ecorend XR1 Fungicidal Wash in accordance with instructions.

    ecorend TRX Silicone Nano Coat can take up to 7 days until full effects can be visible.

    MIXING ecorend TRX Silicone Nano Coat is supplied ready to use.

    APPLICATION ecorend TRX Silicone Nano Coat is best applied to the mineral substrateby the airless technique, undiluted and in the desired thickness. Brushes or lambskin roller may be used for smaller areas. Up to 0.1 to 0.2 litres/m² maybe applied in one operation to vertical surfaces without loss of material. The exact amount depends on the absorbency of the substrate. Ensure that the substrate is fully saturated.