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Designed by industry experts, our stop bead professional range is one of the best external or internal render beads products available in the UK.


SKU: 366615376135191
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    • uPVC finish to prevent corrosion

    • Perforated wing increases bond

    • Reinforces plaster edges to prevent accidental damage

    • Can be fixed with plaster, adhesive or mechanical fixings

  • External Render Beads can be fiixed by either dot or dabs with an adhesive mortar/render or a non-corrosive wall plug and screw. Alternatively, they can be fixed using a non-solvent based adhesive sealant similar to CT1 or similar hybrid polymer adhesive sealants. You must not use interior grade solvent based or silicone adhesive sealants. For further guidance please contact your ISLE CORK Company representative a Render Bead Company authorised distributor.